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your advertising goals.

We talk the options.

Design the campaign.

Go live.

Show you how many people see the ads, the locations, the photos and videos people make,

other data depending on your goals. These

are shown in your analytics dashboard.

​Campaign lengths are 4 to 26 weeks.

We design in-house or work with your design team.


Lower cost with more cars. 10 cars may cost $800 per car, 40 cars may cost $600 per car.

​Highest standards

Advertising drivers have:

New model cars
Excellent condition
Licence, insurance
One-on-one interview
Background and driving record check

Respectful and safe driving

Is important to drive respectfully and safely. In case someone does not drive safely, the advertising is removed and he has to pay a fee. 99+% of advertising drivers meet this standard.​

2020 advertising technology

Every mobile device has an ID. The car passing by gathers these IDs. This way the amount of people the car passed by is found.


When these people visit websites on their devices, the ads that show up on the websites, are ads of the brand advertised on the car. This is good because many ads on websites may go to irrelevant people. When ads go through retargeting there is a higher chance these people are relevant given they are people who were in the target location at the target time.

To measure how many people visited a website after seeing car advertising, this is done:

A website currently gets 10,000 views. During and after a campaign it gets 40,000. The +30,000 is what car advertising brought.

Advertising precision

Geography precision - Cars drive on target geographies.

As the CBD or suburbs.

Time precision - Cars drive on specific hours.

As peak commute, weekdays, weekends, evenings.

Events precision - Cars drive at specific events. 
As sports, conferences, tourist attractions.

There are thousands of cars with car advertising in the US. The results are exemplary.

Employees as Brand ambassadors

Styling your employees cars with your brand is a way to take leverage of their commute and your car fleet. We offer this too.

Car advertising is impressive, memorable, lower cost, tech advanced and is worth it.


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