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You register, as soon as a brand runs a campaign in your area you get notified to tell us whether you're in. / You download the app. Drive 50 kms of your usual routes. This makes your driving profile. Brands running campaigns in your area show up in the app. You choose the campaigns you want.

We send you details where to wrap the car. You drive your usual routes. You get paid every week. We get out the ad. You choose the next campaign.


You get paid $100-$150 a week. Depends on the kms you drive, the areas, the brand, other things. Rideshare drivers are paid more given they drive more.

Campaign lengths are 4 to 26 weeks.

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Drive minimum 40 kms a day/280 a week.

2010 or newer car in excellent condition.

Not have repainted any part.

Background and driving record check. Driving record has to be clean or near clean. This is important for the brands.

Car insurance and driving licence.




The wraps are similar to stickers. Are made from vinyl. Protect the car’s paint. Come off clean. Are installed by professional installers.

When driving the app has to be working in the background. This is to log your kms in your profile.

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Leased cars are accepted.

Once in 4 weeks you get a free car

wash voucher to clean the car.

In case for a reason you don't

drive for a few days that's ok.

There is no requirement to get additional insurance given you drive your usual routes.

Is likely someone asks you about the brand you advertise, how to also advertise or how to connect with the brand you advertise.

Brands include sports teams, universities, technology companies, telcos, airlines, international companies.

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