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Add a mini convenience store to your taxi or rideshare and earn $2500-$3000 a year.

What is Treats?

Treats is an in-car mini convenience store. As a 7-Eleven in a car.

A selection of snacks, drinks, phone chargers and essentials that come in a modern case and are for passengers to enjoy. The case is placed on the armrest in front of the passengers and they order items and pay directly from their phone.

Why it's great:

Treats is free for drivers. Generates income and 5-star ratings.

Drivers provide their passengers with products as in a convenience store such as 7-Eleven and they make income from it. Passengers have a better experience as they have snacks, drinks and chargers in front of them without having to stop to a convenience store and 

it increases the chances of giving 5-star ratings to drivers for this experience.

How you join:


Enter your details.


We send you a free Treats case and merchandise.


Place it on the armrest of your car and you're ready to go!

How you earn:


Sales commissions.

Earn $1 for every customer order (even when they get free items) plus 25% of the order value.
e.g. a customer that makes a $4 order gives you $2.


Sales bonuses.

$10 for 10 sales in a week.
$20 for 20 sales in a week.



Get $20 for each referral.



Customers have the option to tip when making an order.

Average driver income is $2500-$3000 a year
with the most active ones making over $6000 .




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